The Future of Process Simulation

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Work from anywhere
No matter where you are, the cloud-based simulation platform is already there and ready to go.

Collaborate with others
Collaborating with colleagues and customers has never been easier than with the IPSE GO platform.

Pay as you go
The flexible subscription-based billing of IPSE GO enables projects of all sizes to be implemented cost-efficiently.

One Environment — Many Applications

With our large selection of model libraries, simulations can be performed for many fields of application.

Powerful Capabilities


Intuitive User Interface

IPSE GO combines the complexity of industrial level simulation with an intuitive user interface with great usability.

Highly Flexible Modelling

The flexible model and numerous components behind IPSE GO allows you to calculate almost any application area in process simulation.

Effortless Collaboration

Share your IPSE GO projects with your coworkers, partners or students with a simple click. Collaboration was never faster and easier.
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IPSE GO on Surface Studio

Process Simulation Made Easy


No Upfront Investment

With IPSE GO you can rely on a powerful process simulation system without the need for high upfront investments.

Flexible Pricing

No matter if you use IPSE GO on a daily basis or only now and then for projects. Our subscription-based billing fits every need.

Zero Installation

All you need is an IPSE GO account and a web browser. Update and maintenance headaches won't affect you any longer.

Outstanding Technical Support

With our dedicated support you are never left alone.

Trusted by Thousands of Users

IPSE GO Multiple Devices

Our Integrated Process Simulation Environment IPSE has continuously evolved for more than 30 years. Nowadays more than 1500 users in 50 countries are using the desktop system IPSEpro and the cloud based platform IPSE GO.

Ready to move your Process Simulation to the Cloud?

IPSE GO is a service provided by SimTech GmbH.
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About Us
We are an innovative company located in Graz, Austria. For over 30 years we have been involved in process simulation in the field of power plant construction and beyond. Our software IPSEpro is used by over 1500 users in more than 50 countries. With IPSE GO, our goal is to bring process simulation to the cloud.