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IPSE GO for Education

IPSE GO for Education is a program offered by SimTech that aims to assist educators in integrating the IPSE GO simulation software into their university classroom teaching. Through the education program, SimTech offers the software exclusively and at special pricing conditions for university courses and the participating students.

Enhanced Collaboration

IPSE GO enables students to easily share their projects with peers, promoting collaboration and the exchange of knowledge. This is particularly useful for group projects or assignments. Additionally, educators can also conveniently assess students' projects in a remote setting.

Cross-platform compatibility without installation

Being a cloud-based solution, IPSE GO eliminates the need for installation. It can be accessed from various platforms with an internet connection. This accessibility ensures a seamless experience for both students and lecturers.

Extensive Software Package

Access to a wide range of example projects and a diverse selection of libraries. This versatility allows to cover various subject areas, enhancing the applicability of the software to different fields of study.

Real-World Insights

By using IPSE GO, students work with a simulation tool that is already used in industry. It helps bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its practical application in a professional environment.

IPSE GO for Education

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Insight into Industry Tool

 Practical exposure to a tool widely used in the industry.

Cloud-Based Platform

Usable on all devices without the need for installation.

Consistent Results

Projects perform well on all devices, providing reliable outcomes.

Project Sharing

Educators can easily share projects with their students.

Sample Projects

We can provide you with sample projects if needed.

Model Libraries

Large selection of model libraries for diverse projects.
IPSE GO is a service provided by SimTech GmbH.
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We are an innovative company located in Graz, Austria. For over 30 years we have been involved in process simulation in the field of power plant construction and beyond. Our software IPSEpro is used by over 1500 users in more than 50 countries. With IPSE GO, our goal is to bring process simulation to the cloud.