Our goal at SimTech is to revolutionize the engineering industry by making engineers' lives easier and enabling them to focus on solving problems in their domain. 

Through our flagship products, IPSEpro and IPSE GO, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools and services for various process systems. Both software systems share a common calculating kernel at their core, ensuring consistency and accuracy in their simulations.


IPSEpro is a comprehensive software system for calculating heat balances and simulating processes. It comprises a set of software modules for creating process models for a wide range of applications and for utilizing these models throughout the lifecycle of process plants.


IPSE GO, on the other hand, is an accessible online-based software solution designed for engineers. It offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies usage, even for those without extensive simulation software experience. With its versatility, IPSE GO can be applied across industries such as power plants, desalination, refrigeration, paper processing, and more.
Software Alternatives
Excel Simulation
Calculate Heat Balances

User-friendly Flowsheet Editor

Available Technical Documentation

Dedicated Technical Support & Training

Advanced Scripting Support

Model Library Support

10+ Model Libraries

10+ Model Libraries

Off-design Condition Simulations

No Installation Required

Setup Time

Not Required

Online Collaboration

Works Offline

Excel Interface

Customised Libraries,
On-line Plant Monitoring

Supported Platforms

Free Trial Period

30 Days

Risk Free Trial

30 Days

Risk Free Trial

Licensing Model

Subscription License

Perpetual License

IPSE GO is a service provided by SimTech GmbH.
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About Us
We are an innovative company located in Graz, Austria. For over 30 years we have been involved in process simulation in the field of power plant construction and beyond. Our software IPSEpro is used by over 1500 users in more than 50 countries. With IPSE GO, our goal is to bring process simulation to the cloud.